Deepen Your Yoga
Training Course

Our unique “Deepen Your Yoga” Training was created for dedicated students who want to delve deeper into the practice of yoga without the desire to teach others.

This 48 hours course is designed for the students who have been actively practicing the physical asana and want more theory and philosophy behind the lifestyle of yoga.

“Deepen Your Yoga” offers an absolute balance of both.

Upon completion of “Deepen Your Yoga” you will:

  • Develop a deeper knowledge of the seven chakras or energy centers

  • Understand the science behind yoga known as Ayurveda

  • Discover your dosha and practical application to daily living

  • Improve your alignment through the dissection and adjustment of key poses

  • Explore advanced asana and elevate your practice 

  • Learn additional pranayama breathing techniques

  • Determine the correct mudra, mantra and meditation for your practice

  • Walk away with a unique yoga sequence that incorporates your deepened training and take your practice to the next level

Investment: $1200

Registration Fee: $250

Registration fee is nonrefundable.

Remaining balance due before October 22nd.




Saturday 29th | 2pm- 6pm

Sunday 30th | 2pm - 6pm


Saturday 12th | 2pm - 6pm

Sunday 13th | 2pm - 6pm


Saturday 10th | 2pm - 6pm

Sunday 11th | 2pm - 6pm


Saturday 7th | 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 8th | 2pm - 6pm


Saturday 21st | 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 22nd | 2pm - 6pm


Saturday 4th| 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 5th | 2pm - 6pm


Reiki Level I Certification Course
November 13th | 2pm - 6pm

In Reiki Level I training, you will be initiated into the healing practice of the Usui Reiki system.

You will be attuned and learn how to use Reiki energy to heal yourself.

The course will cover the history of Reiki, principles and lifestyle, and techniques to
channel Universal Source energy for yourself.

The training opens up your channels for Reiki to flow through you.

It is known as a connection to Divine Source at a deeper level.

Once the connection is made through the attunement, it is available to you for the
rest of your life.

Investment: $250

Includes Attunement.

Pre-registration is required.