September 11th and 25th
October 16th and 23rd
November 6th
3pm - 5pm

Ashtanga Yoga is a practice that allows us to slowly transform through exploration.
With a dedicated and regular practice, we will build a strong, healthy body, a focused
mind, and a more authentic way of life on our path to enlightenment.
You’ve had the “experience” now let’s break it down, fine tune it and ultimately complete
the Primary Series!
The Ashtanga Primary Series is separated into 5 sections:

Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, Standing, Seated, and Closing.

In this 6-part series, we will break down/fine tune the individual poses of a specific section each week starting with Surya
Namaskar (Sun Salutation) A. We will also review the opening and closing chants, how
to properly “Om” and become familiar with the sanskrit names for the poses and counts.
The final week we will flow through the Primary Series from start to finish finding our
complete bliss.
This workshop is for anyone who is looking to take their practice to the next level.
There will be modifications for beginners and options for advanced yogis.

Investment: $40

Pre-registration is required.



October 2nd | 3pm - 4:30pm

When you go to the movies you have the option to choose a happy movie, a scary movie, a sad movie or a thriller. The same options exist with your thoughts. When you are presented with a sad or troublesome thought you have the option the change the channel.

A single thought can change your entire outlook on life, but it takes work!  

The thoughts that you think the most are the ones that you manifest in life. If you think negative and sad thoughts, you will feel negative and sad. If you think happy and positive thoughts, you will see the magic in life. Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned the wallow in those negative thoughts. 

This workshop will be a mix of gentle yoga and meditation that will provide you with the tools to control your thoughts and, in turn, your life. You will be provided with tips and techniques on meditation, manifestation and letting go along with a few simple yoga movements to release some of that stuck energy that we store in our body.

At the end of this workshop, you will begin to see every “no” as a redirection and not a rejection by changing that way you think about it. 

Investment: $35

Pre-registration is required.

October full Moon.jpg


October 9th | 3pm - 4:30pm

Something has been building inside of us, likely of a personal nature, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos demands that we let it out.

October’s full moon falls under brave, assertive, honest, optimistic sign of Aries,

all about emotional declarations. We will be meditating with our gift crystal, Red Jasper. Known as a stone of physical strength and energy, Red Jasper can heighten your endurance and stamina, inspire stability, ease emotional stress, and aid creativity.

It can help you find courage and integrity during difficult times.

A sound bath is a concert for the soul. We will begin the full moon ceremony by smudging with Sage (to clear negative energies) and Palo Santo (to invite positive energies in). Once our space is cleansed, we will take a moment to meditate on what we need to let go of.  To emphasize this, we will put pen to paper and write down everything we are releasing. This paper will be taken home to burn and allow the ashes of our past to fly away. 

Finally, we will get comfy for a deep meditation where we will visualize our life without those burdens we carried and enjoy a soothing sound bath produced by various sources, including singing bowls, a crystal harp, chimes, drums and rain sticks.

We will end the ceremony with light refreshments and community.

Bring your crystals from home for charging.  We will provide pen and paper for journaling.

Investment: $35

Pre-registration is required.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.